Whether you visit Davis Orthodontics in West Columbia, SC or Chapin/Irmo, SC, our team will conduct a thorough examination of your dentition and skeletal development. We will also discuss your smile goals and potential treatment options.

During the exam, one of our team members will take photos and a complementary radiograph that will assist us in properly diagnosing your dental alignment. For children, this process helps us determine the right time to begin treatment or if they need orthodontic treatment at all.

Toward the end of the appointment, we will talk about all your financial and contract options. If your treatment requires any oral surgery or dental restorations, we will discuss referrals as well. Finally, our team member will schedule your next appointment.

Dr. Davis believes that open communication is the key to creating a beautiful smile. Beating around the bush only hinders the process! We’ll be open and honest about your diagnosis, our recommendations, alternative treatments, and any symptoms that require further treatment. By working together, in a true partnership, we can achieve your smile goals.

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