What is IPR?



To many, “IPR” is a funny word you have probably heard us use around the clinic at Davis Orthodontics. To decode and break down what we mean, “IPR” stands for “interproximal reduction.” This fancy term means reducing the spots or space between your teeth where they touch. To reduce the space, we basically use a high-speed nail file similarly to what you would see in a nail salon. A common way we use the “IPR” kit is to help correct teeth with rotations. We create a little space between the teeth to make room for the rotated teeth to turn in the proper direction. We also use “IPR” with our aligner patients to reduce the contacts between teeth to allow them to move into optimal alignment. It’s really just a little “tooth shaping”.

So, there is no need to panic if you hear this term come up when Dr. Davis is explaining your treatment plan. There is no numbing and no pain involved with this procedure. It’s just a little “tooth shaping”. You may see space between your teeth after “IPR” is completed, but don’t worry. By the end of our treatment journey, your teeth will be perfect with no spaces present. Don’t let scary abbreviation deter you from achieving the smile of your dreams.


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