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The Dental Monitoring Difference

Do you hate always sitting in traffic trying to get to your orthodontic appointment on time? Are you wondering how well your child is taking care of their teeth? Have questions about your treatment but despise being put on hold to wait for the right answers? Well, we don’t blame you. That’s why Davis Orthodontics […]

Setting Up an Orthodontic Consultation

Here at Davis Orthodontics we love walking our patients through every step of the orthodontic process so that they feel comfortable and knowledgeable. From the time that you call our office to set up a new patient consultation to the time you are starting treatment with us, we want you to feel good about the […]

“But everyone is doing it!”

You have probably heard the name of at least one of these mail order aligners or as they call it “‘Invisible Braces”. These companies boast “straight teeth in as little as six months,” and claim it’s “cheap, fast, and effective.” DIY aligners through one of these companies typically involves taking an impression of your teeth […]

Which type of braces are right for me?

DAVIS ORTHODONTICS CAN HELP YOU DECIDE WHICH METHOD IS BEST FOR STRAIGHTENING YOUR SMILE! Braces are one of the most effective ways to improve the alignment of your teeth. Straight teeth look better, feel better, and are easier to care for. So which type of braces are right for you? The type of braces that […]

National Dental Care Month

Oral care plays an integral role in your aesthetic and physical health. At Davis Orthodontics, we invite you to read the importance of maintaining optimal dental health, a brief history of National Dental Care Month, and how you can observe the occasion. DENTAL HYGIENE FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS Practicing good dental hygiene should begin during […]