Successful Treatment and Patient Care

Successful treatment and patient care at Davis Orthodontics doesn’t just mean straightening teeth. It’s built on open communication with our patients and their own ownership of their treatment.

Communication is key to our ability to provide the best possible care for you or your child. Sharing your concerns or asking questions about your treatment are always welcome. We are always happy and encourage our patients to speak to us about their treatment. Your teeth are just as important to us as they are to you.

It is also crucial to communicate with our team when something unexpected occurs. Letting us know allows us to better prepare and help you. For example, if you have a broken bracket, you can send a message through the dental monitoring app or call the office and speak to one of the “DO” crew so that we can add all the details such as tooth location and what occurred in your chart. This allows our team to schedule you promptly for the appropriate type of appointment, but it also prepares our clinical team so they can get you in and out of the office quickly.

If it’s a non-emergency, we can often extend your next appointment to allow for the extra time needed to make the repair. By communicating with us when issues arise, we can prevent you from falling behind in your treatment, discomfort, or inconveniences to your busy schedule.

Lastly, making it a priority to schedule and maintain appointments is vital to the success of your treatment. Orthodontic visits allow our team to monitor your progress as well as keep an eye out for things like changes in your bite, oral health, spacing, and tooth rotations just to name a few. Missing or consistently rescheduling orthodontic check-ups prevents us from making the adjustments or providing the care needed to keep your treatment moving on the originally proposed timeline. Therefore, missed or pushed out appointments can prolong your time to getting your desired results. Additionally, arriving late to your scheduled appointment often prevents our team from completing your full appointment to avoid delays and inconvenience for other timely patients.

We understand things come up and life throws curve balls, but by letting us know of delays, concerns, or questions we can do our very best to accommodate you. Together we can achieve your ideal smile.


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