National Dental Care Month

Oral care plays an integral role in your aesthetic and physical health. At Davis Orthodontics, we invite you to read the importance of maintaining optimal dental health, a brief history of National Dental Care Month, and how you can observe the occasion.


Practicing good dental hygiene should begin during childhood and continue throughout your life. Children are less likely to experience problems like tooth decay and gum disease. However, oral care problems in children could contribute to potentially serious problems like oral infections, pain, and even nutrition deficiencies due to the inability to chew or digest foods properly. Dental care professionals recommend that children start receiving oral care as early as six months old and receive subsequent care at least once or twice per year.

Adults who fail to practice optimal oral hygiene stand at risk of developing serious oral care problems, lost teeth, and severe gum disease. Additionally, poor oral care in adults has been linked to potentially serious, even life-threatening illnesses like systemic infections, cardiovascular disease, certain kinds of head and neck cancers, and diabetes.


National Dental Care Month was founded by Dr. Tim Stirneman and Jim Wojdyla after the discovery that there were not enough national holidays that celebrate oral health. At the start of 2018, the National Day Calendar made it official to observe National Dental Care Month annually during the month of May.


The best way for you to observe this national holiday is to remember the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene and engaging in practices designed to help you achieve this aim. This includes:

Brushing And Flossing Regularly
Oral care experts recommend that you brush at least twice per day and floss at least once. Brushing should be executed for two to three minutes per session using wide, circular strokes to read every tooth. Floss should gently be placed between the teeth. Both of these activities remove lingering food products and help cleanse bacteria from the mouth.

Limit Sugar Intake
Sugar has a notorious reputation for damaging teeth. Therefore, the consumption of foods and beverages containing sugar should be reduced to avoid further damage.

Avoid Cigarette Smoking
The chemicals contained in cigarettes can stain teeth and damage the tooth enamel. Additionally, smoking weakens the body’s immune system, which can prove detrimental to the gums, especially following injuries and dental procedures.

Visit Oral Care Professional Routinely
Optimal oral health involves seeing your dental care provider at least once or twice per year. During these visits, oral care practitioners can provide professional cleanings, identify any underlying problems, and address issues before they require more aggressive treatment.


If you are looking for an experienced dental care professional, we encourage you to consider the experts at Davis Orthodontics. We pride ourselves in combining old-fashioned customer service practices with cutting-edge technology to offer you care that is second to none. For further information about our practice and the services we provide, contact our offices today.