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Setting Up an Orthodontic Consultation

Setting Up an Orthodontic Consultation

Here at Davis Orthodontics we love walking our patients through every step of the orthodontic process so that they feel comfortable and knowledgeable. From the time that you call our office to set up a new patient consultation to the time you are starting treatment with us, we want you to feel good about the process. The initial step in your treatment journey is scheduling your new patient consultation. Sounds simple, right? Yes, but we will need more than just your name and when you would like to come in and see us.

When setting up a consultation it is important to have as much information as possible readily available for our new patient coordinator such as who’s your general dentist or what dental insurance (if any) you will be using. We also require that you are up to date with your cleanings from your general dentist. This way we know we have a clean bill of health to start your next journey onward. Starting orthodontic treatment requires your mouth to be cavity free and healthy gingiva and bone.

We will also want to know how you found out about Davis Orthodontics. Were you referred to us by your dentist or did you find us through a general internet search or social media? We like to know this information so that we can thank our partners in dental health or if you have enjoyed our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube.

After these preliminary questions, we will gather all your basic information such as name, address, and date of birth along with your phone number and email address. Once we have those details, we can gather any insurance information so that we can check your orthodontic benefits prior to your consultation visit. We understand you will likely have several questions regarding your coverage and treatment, but rest assured our treatment coordinator and Dr. Davis will discuss not only the recommended treatment, but will also cover insurance payments and fees.

Here are links to our Dental Monitoring Page and Financing Page.

Once you are scheduled at a convenient time and date, we will send you all the necessary paperwork by email or text to make sure all your information is correct. Now you are ready for your first visit! We can’t wait to see you!